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  • 2012.10.31 Exhibiton in Krakow, Poland

    Starting from today you can visit the exhibition “Religions in Movement” in the Art Gallery of the POLITECHNIKA KRAKOWSKA. Look here at some pictures taken before the exhibition was officially opened. More pictures will appear soon.

  • 2012.10.15 Exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine

    We are happy to present the exhibition "Religions in Movement" in Ukraine. It was opened on October, 15, in presence of the head of Architectural facultee of KNUBaC (Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture), Mr.  A.V. Kachenko and the head of architectural theory department, Mr. L.N. Kovalsky. The exhibition attracks attention from students, as well as from professors.

  • 2012.09.01 Final meeting in Poland

    During this meeting the final report was prepared. It is a pity that our participants from Belarus could not attend the meeting, but we’re via skype in close contact with them. We prepared also the  templates for the panels of the exhibition. The exhibition will be translated in 4 languages and shown in Minsk, Krakow, Kiev and Petershagen during the month of October 2012.

  • 2012.08.18 Update from Ukraine

    2012.08.18 In short about progress in our investigation ...

  • 2012.07.26 News from Germany

    The progress of the project in Germany is fine. I've almost collected all the accessible material about the synagogues in Bückeburg and in Petershagen. The synagogue in Rehburg is what I'm working on at the moment. And for research on the "Kirchen in den Polendörfern" I'm going to meet Sonja von Behrens next Tuesday.

  • 2012.07.19 Ratchino, Russia

    At the moment our participant Alex is in Ratchino, Russia (near Petersburg), investigating the history of the Saint George-Church there. which is very similar to a orthodox church in Nagorzany, Poland. Ewa and her brother are doing research in Poland.On the picture Saint George in Ratchino.

  • 2012.05.25 List of buildings

    Yes, we did it. Finally after looking at discriptions of 40 sacral buildings (churches, synagogues, prayer-houses, ...) we selected 4 buildings in each country to investigate. And look, our team of Ukraine decided to investigate a building in Russia!

  • 2012.03.26 Kick-off in Nowy Sącz, Poland

    From 22.03 until 26.03 we had our first international meeting. Attending were from Poland dr. hab. Jan Kurek and dr. Ewa Bryła, from Belarus Aliaksandra Kanonchienka and Nastassia Kazlenok, from Ukraine Olena Roval and Alexy Dorozhkin and from Germany Florian Hoffmann. The program was very tense.

  • 2012.02.20

    On the 20th of February 2012 our representative – Yuliya Goncharova - visited our partner Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture and had a meeting with Ukrainian participants - Yurij Korol, Aleksej Dorojkin and with our Ukrainian expert – A. Molozh.

  • Kick-off in Nowy Sącz, Poland

    From 22.03 until 26.03 we had our first international meeting. The program was very tense. Have a look at the program and some pictures!

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